Sequential art

Comics are the light of my life. I have been making books since I was a kid and came back to it with a vengeance somewhere in 2008 after which I released several books in the ┬ámeantime, of which “Serial Artist” is the Magnum Opus. (Check that out here on the website as well). Ranging from traditional to semiphotographic and modern. What suits the tale, shall be the style. I take pride in having a broad range of visual styles at my command and am not afraid to use them.

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  1. Mark Harbinger
    April 6, 2021

    Dear Mr. Storm:

    I like your portfolio (found you on Fiverr).

    I wondered if you were taking on any small commission work? I am putting together creative teams for an anthology comic (think: orig. “Jouney Into Mystery”-type stories). I’ve got 5-, 10-, and 12-page stories scripted. Phil Smith is handling the production mgmt. Rom Marz (Marvel/DC) is doing some editing.

    I can pay competitive market rates. FYI: The 12-pager calls for an artist who can do two different styles w/in the same story. The 10-pager is an IP with many issues on the horizon, for a longer-term gig.

    As for the anthology, I’d appreciate faster turnaround times (i.e., week/s, not month/s)

    Please let me know if you’re interested. Give me an email and I can forward you any/all of the scripts.

    Thank you for your time!



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