The art is murder

  • With its stunning photo-artwork and startling divinatory layouts, Serial Artist is what books about serial killers should be, but rarely are. So powerfully written I found it hard to get through … but read it until the end and then think about the truly horrific implications. Amazing work. Steve Moore Hercules, Somnium
  • “Robert and Kevin have crafted a gripping, DISTURBING, and challenging take on society’s OBSESSION with celebrity and violence — I couldn’t put the book down. Check it out, but BE READY to be UP till the wee hours of the morning — and to be THINKING about it days later.” Mark Powers Drafted, This Haunted World, G.I. Joe
  • “Randle and Storm have crafted a grisly, thought provoking piece of work. The kind of book that stays with you for weeks after finishing it. Do not wait. Read it now. With the lights ON. “ Joshua Hale Fialkov, I, Vampire, Echoes, Tumor



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