Come sweet Coma

This one-of-a-kind rock album was released through iTunes as a standalone iPad and iPhone-app halfway 2012. The full-length album can be found on iTunesBandcamp and the comic book is right here on my website. “The Comeback” is a graphic novel  and rock concept album rolled into one experience and tells the tale of a comatose rockstar trapped in his own mind, struggling to find his way out. The album features 13 well-known and well-respected guestmusicians and was funded through several companies.

Guest musicians on the album;Drums; Koen Herfst , Sander Zoer , Martijn Peters
Vocals; Sander T, Eddy Borremans , Floortje Donia
Bass; Patrick Velis, Hans Pieters, Douwe de Wilde
Guitars; Sander Gommans, Koen Romeijn, Eric Hazebroek, Danny Tunker

“The Comeback” tells the tale we all should tell from time to time. How, when trapped inside one’s own mind we find it in us to carry the weight of life. Without shutting down to the world around us, with our eyes open to the beauty we grew blind to.